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Riding motorcycles are really dangerous and can result in a serious injury or death. Langbros Leathers products have been designed and made to offer high comfort and performance, and even if the riders take appropriate protection, no product can guarantee complete protection against damage to the property or personal/human injury in case of any fall, collision or any other reason. Motorcycle riders must be aware of all the risks involved while riding motorcycles and should decide themselves whether such risks be taken or not. Langbros Leathers, LLC will not be responsible for any loss to the property or personal/human injury while its products are being worn. Langbros Leather, LLC does not provide any guarantee or warranty regarding the suitability of its products for any particular use or the degree of protection that they are capable of providing against damage to property of human injury or death.


Users are prohibited from violating or attempting to violate Website security functions through the actions such as attempting to send or spread viruses into the website, or attempting to access the data not supposed for the users, or trying to reach the server to which the user’s access have been denied, or by intentionally overloading the server through heavy data transmission. With the use of Langbros Leathers website and acceptance of all the terms, users are not allowed to access the website through any device other than the commonly used devices (PCs, Notebooks, Smartphones, Tablets etc.).


Langbros Leathers may watch or monitor website usage for the improvement of website contents, pages and other material provided in its website without disclosing the information to any third party or any other website link.


Langbros Leathers ships its products to almost every country on the globe. Pricing, delivery timings and charges may vary for different regions and locations. Orders for standard products in the US are usually deliver within 3-5 working days while orders for central Europe take 7 to 14 working days for delivery. Delivery time may extend due to any extraordinary event. Customized products can take longer time to ship and deliver depending on that particular product. 


Any product purchased from the Langbros Leathers website can be returned within 30 days of delivery. Langbros Leathers usually accepts returns of faulty or broken products and size change. Any product or part intentionally broken will not be accepted. Products returned must contain all the original tags attached. The shipping costs for returns will be paid by the customer. No returns will be accepted in case of customized product.


Langbros Leathers possesses right to put any change in the parts/design of the products displayed on the website without any prior information. The products may sometimes vary a little in design from the ones displayed on the website.


For any further information related to the above, please write us at: sales@langbrosleathers.com